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Some Links to Web Sites about Sir Barnes Neville Wallis

This list is compiled by Michael G Hardy.

Christopher Wallis was always keen that people should know the variety of projects in which his father was involved.

I have therefore compiled this short list of some web sites which give details about the life and work of Sir Barnes Neville Wallis (1887 - 1979).


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The following are web sites established by organisations:

Barnes Wallis Memorial Trust    The Trust operates within the Yorkshire Air Museum.  (

Effingham    The Surrey Village where Sir Barnes Wallis lived.  (

Royal Observer Corps Association    Some history starting with Sir Barnes Wallis's birthplace at Ripley in Derbyshire.  (

Science and Society Picture Library    Images from the Science Museum Library, mainly showing Sir Barnes Wallis's study.  From Home Page search for:  Sir Barnes Wallis  (

BBC History    Brief History of Sir Barnes Wallis's work.  (


The following are web sites established by individuals:

Iain Murray    One of this Dundee University lecturer's heroes is Sir Barnes Wallis. The site includes a comprehensive list of places around the country where items related to Sir Barnes Wallis are on display.  (

Lucy Moorcraft    A 2001 project from a Bristol University undergraduate which includes some family history and photos.  (


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