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The Chiltern Society

The Chiltern Society    The Charity which is dedicated to 'Caring for the Chilterns'. The website includes information on their campaigning, activities and events, and details of the specific sites in the Chilterns that are cared for by the Society, which (as well as Lacey Green Windmill) are: Bottom Wood, Brush Hill, Captain's Wood, Cholesbury Camp, Cobblers Pits, Ewelme Watercress Beds, Hampden Monument, Marlow Common, Penn Jubilee Wood, Prestwood Local Nature Reserve, and Whiteleaf Hill. Those underlined are within 2 to 4 miles of Lacey Green.    (

Chiltern Photos    This is the website of the Chiltern Photographic Group of the Chiltern Society.    (

Ewelme Watercress Beds    The old Watercress Beds have been turned into a Nature Reserve owned by The Chiltern Society. Ewelme is in the south of Oxfordshire, to the east of Benson which is north of Wallingford.    (


The Chilterns

Chilterns AONB    Official web site for the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, produced by the Chilterns Conservation Board.     (

Chiltern Open Air Museum    A museum that has rescued and re-erected threatened buildings.    (

Visit Chilterns    Website of the Chilterns Tourism Network.    (


Lacey Green, Loosley Row and Local Area

Lacey Green Windmill Weather Forecast    A local forecast from    (

Lacey Green and Loosley Row    The website for the villages of Lacey Green and Loosley Row.    (

Lacey Green Parish Council    Official web site of our local Parish Council.    (

Lacey Green Walks    Walks and articles about the village, the locality, and far beyond.    (

Home of Rest for Horses    The Horse Trust's Home of Rest for Horses is a popular place to visit at Speen Farm, at the opposite end of Lacey Green Village to the windmill. It was founded in 1886, moving to Speen Farm in 1970, which is its fourth home.    (

Lacey Green Maize Maze has not opened for some years.

Gommes Forge, Loosley Row    One of the longest established local businesses.    (

Windmill Beauty Barn, Lacey Green    A business established in 2014 and situated at Windmill Farm.     (

Kop Hill Climb    The first Kop Hill Climb was in 1910, only five years before Lacey Green Windmill stopped working. It continued until 1925, and was re-instated as a non-competitive event in 2009, and has again become very popular. You may wonder why it is listed here, that is because it takes place only 2 miles away from the windmill.    (


The Whip Inn    The Whip Inn is beside the footpath that leads up to the windmill.    (

The Black Horse    The Black Horse is half a mile to the south-east, in the centre of the village of Lacey Green.    (

The Pink and Lily    The Pink and Lily is a mile to the north-east, along the Pink Road.    (


Visit a Mill and National Mills Weekend

SPAB - Visit a Mill    The previous National Mills Weekend website has been absorbed into the SPAB's main website, as part of the Mills Section of SPAB.    Searches can be made for windmills, watermills (or both) by the names of individual mills, places, or counties. It has a page on each mill giving basic descriptions, photos, a map, and details of opening hours.    (


Windmills and Watermills (GENERAL)

Mills Section of SPAB    SPAB is the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. Their Mills Section dates back to 1929 when they launched a campaign (encouraged by the Daily Mail) to save windmills. A couple of years later they started campaigns for particular mills, so the work done on Lacey Green windmill in 1934 was one of their earliest achievements.    (

The Mills Archive    The Mills Archive is a Charity preserving and sharing records related to traditional mills and milling. Based in Reading, it works closely with the SPAB Mills Section, and despite only being founded in 2002, has already amassed a collection of over two million documents and images.    (

UK Mills    A website run by a mill enthusiast. It includes data and pictures on mills throughout the UK.    (

Windmill World    Another website run by a mill enthusiast, enabling access to data on individual mills and vast numbers of links to images and maps about mills. For example, in Feb 2018 it lists 323 images of Lacey Green windmill on Flickr.    (


Windmills and Watermills (BY COUNTIES AND AREAS)

There are many web sites featuring mills in particular areas, they are mainly set up by local Mill Groups. Below are some, whose content varies greatly.

Hampshire Mills    Much information about Mills in Hampshire..    (

Kent Windmills    A small website which seems to really only have one picture of each of 11 windmills that open, most of them are cared for by KCC.   (

Midland Wind & Water Mills    This group covers many counties across the Midlands, their website includes their activities and a chart showing mills that open.    (

Norfolk Mills    This website has an amazing array of facts and pictures on over 900 mills and mill sites.    (

North West Mills    Mills in Chehire, Lancashire and Cumbria..    (

Suffolk Mills    A good amount of information on the mills of Suffolk, and the activities of this Group.    (

Sussex Mills    A lot of information, news and pictures on Sussex mills.    (

Wessex Mills    Information on Mills in Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire.   (



Unfortunately there is no local Mills Group for the counties to the West and North of London, despite an attempt to set one up some years ago. In fact for many years we ourselves organised a leaflet of mills open in 4 counties, but it had to stop when funding and distribution costs became more difficult. However people who look after local mills usually tend to know each other and keep in touch when necessary.


Bradwell Windmill, Milton Keynes    This 1805 tower mill has recently been refurbished. It is open in the afternoons on the last Sunday of each month between March and October.    (

Brill Windmill    One of the country's oldest Postmills which was given a thorough restoration in 2008/9. Usually open on Sunday afternoons from Easter to end of September.    (   ~    There is also information available at Brill Village Website    (

Ford End Watermill, Ivinghoe     Buckinghamshire's only working watermill with original machinery. Usually open about 12 afternoons between Easter and October, with milling demonstrations. See their website for specific dates.    (

Pann Watermill, High Wycombe    Watermill with machinery from Georgian mill demolished in 1971. Generally opens 3 or 4 days a year, with milling.    (

Pitstone Windmill, near Ivinghoe    One of the country's oldest post mills, thought to date from 1627, and now a National Trust property. Open on Sunday afternoons from mid May to end of August.    (

Quainton Windmill    A 65 feet high brick tower mill built in 1830. It was restored from 1974, after which it was able to produce flour for a few years. In recent years the cap has had a complete rebuild, and the sails have been renewed and equipped with some very high-tech shutters. Usually open on Sunday mornings from around March to November.    (


Bromham Watermill    Bromham Watermill usually opens on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10-4 from March to December.    (

Jordans Mill, near Biggleswade    Jordans Mill was converted from mill stones to roller mills in the 1890s. It ceased production in 2000, and was opened to visitors in 2013. It is open every day, and has guided tours on most days, See their website for details.    (

Stevington Windmill    Stevington is an 18th century Post Mill, which is open by arrangement, see website.    (

Stotfold Mill    Stotfold mill was rebuilt after a fire in 1992, but still has two important items from the 1890s, a cast iron hursting-frame and a 14 ft wide metal water-wheel. The mill is open most Sundays from April to October, check website.    (


There are no mills that open in Berkshire.


Cromer Windmill    Cromer is Hertfordshire's last surviving windmill. It is a post mill that dates from around 1681, and was in use until the 1920s. Since 1964 repairs have been done in various stages by the Hertfordshire Building Preservation Trust. It is open in the afternoons from National Mills Weekend until early September on Sundays and the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month. Check on their website.    (

Mill Green Watermill and Museum, near Hatfield    An 18th Century working watermill, now a museum as well. It is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sunday afternoons, with milling on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays.    (

Redbournbury Watermill     Originally the site of a Saxon mill, between Redbourn and St Albans. It not only produces flour, but also has its own flourishing bakery (which opens on Saturday mornings). The mill is open on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Full details on their very comprehensive website.    (


Chinnor Windmill    Chinnor Windmill is a post mill, thought to date from 1789. However in 1967, to make way for housing, it was pulled down and moved to two sites in East Anglia. In 1981 plans started to develop to rebuild the mill on a new site, but close to the old one. Work has been progressing at various speeds since then. The mill is usually open on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, when a working party will be at the mill.    (

Coleshill Watermill, West of Faringdon    The National Trust's website should be able to give you opening details.    (

Combe Steam Mill, near Long Hanborough    Combe Mill is a steam powered sawmill on the Blenheim Palace Estate. Open from April to October on Wednesdays and 1st Sunday of each month, and Steaming Days on the 3rd Monday of each month.    (

Great Haseley Windmill    An 18th century tower windmill, which has been restored since 2009..    (   ~    There is also some comprehensive information and photos about the whole restoration project (written by one of the team) at Great Haseley Windmill Restoration Project Blog    (

Mapledurham Watermill    According to their website, in 2018 Mapledurham Watermill will ONLY be open to tour parties (of 30 or more) by prior booking on Tues/Wed/Thurs afternoons, with tea and a visit to the church. (Mapledurham House will be closed)    (

Wheatley Windmill    An 18th century tower mill, unusually octagonal, and restored over many years. Usually open one Sunday afternoon each month, from April to October, see their website for details.    (

There are another five watermills in Oxfordshire that usually open only for National Mills Weekend, for details please see the NMW website above.


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