In accordance with Government guidelines, this decision was taken in the interests of our visitors and our volunteers.

Updated 29th September 2020 - The situation for 2021 will be reviewed nearer the time. "Social Distancing" would be impossible within the windmill, as well as other precautions, particularly everybody having to touch ladders within the windmill.

Lacey Green Windmill - Publicity

Lacey Green Windmill, Buckinghamshire


We are unable to spend money on advertising, and postage costs make distributing publicity material difficult. If you are able to display any posters to help us publicise Lacey Green Windmill, we would be very grateful. You might be a Tourist Information Centre, another property that opens to visitors (eg another mill or a museum), an accommodation provider, or have a notice board which is viewed by people who might be interested in seeing our Windmill.

Our A4 poster (valid from 2017) is available in 2 resolutions on the 2 links just below, in pdf format.  If you are able to print it and put it on display, we would be very grateful.

A4 Colour Poster valid from 2017   (pdf 2200 KB, high resolution version)  (this link is set to open in new window or tab)

A4 Colour Poster valid from 2017   (pdf 154 KB, low resolution version)  (this link is set to open in new window or tab)



Below is a sample of the poster that you can download.

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